Darul Uloom Imam Abu Hanifah is a non-commercial, non-political educational institute for both male female dedicated to classical Islamic learning and spirituality. Its core objectives are to provide a structured educational approach to classical Islamic scholarship, offer a flexible learning environment and impart an educational experience that is at once intellectually rigorous and spiritually uplifting.

To that end, our courses seek to educate students in the main disciplines of Islamic learning including Arabic language, Quran, Hadith, Law, Islamic History and Spirituality, as well as offer Islamic knowledge on contemporary and lifestyle issues pertinent to them – all in a manner that is easy to comprehend and practical to implement in one’s life. Our classes also highlight the importance of using sacred knowledge as a means of increasing our connection with Allah Almighty and furthering our spiritual development.

All programs at Darul Ullom Imam Abu Hanifah draw upon the rich scholarly tradition based on the Quran and the Sunnah as understood by the Sahabah (Companions) and the Salaf Saliheen (Pious Predecessors), with a respect for all scholars of the Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jama’ah

Darul Uloom Imam Abu Hanifah‘s goal is to uphold, preserve and promote the Shariah (Islamic Legal Code) as expounded by the four schools of jurisprudence.To maintain, preserve and promote the Aqa’id (doctrine) of Islam as expounded by the Ahlul-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. To infuse the whole of a Muslim personality with the emotional attachment and love to Islam. Students will be taught under the guidance of Islamic scholars who are talented in their fields of studies.

Darul Uloom Imam Abu Hanifah aims to give rise to vibrant and intrinsically motivated Muslims who will be prepared to face the problems in their lives with an Islamic perspective. Diligent students who seek to gain correct knowledge and be steadfast on the straight path can join Darul Uloom Imam Abu Hanifah and benefit themselves and the Ummah, InshaAllah.

To protect the religion of Islam from innovations as is manifested in the beliefs and practices of deviated sects, groups and movements.


We are now offering the following classes (English Mixed Urdu)