Arabic Literature Course

1 Year Arabic Literature Course

Darul Uloom Imam Abu Hanifah’s Arabic intensive program is dedicated to cater the need of those who want to learn the modern and the classical versions of the Arabic language. Its systematically designed curriculum enables a student to build a firm foundation of the language of Qura’an and Hadith.

In 1 year, this program targets to teach Arabic grammar, morphology, Arabic speech and composition, vocabulary enrichment and Arabic literature from basic levels to intermediate levels. It helps students to learn and use a vast range of vocabulary according to the modern and classical composition styles.

There is no need to illustrate how important Arabic is today. Arabic is spoken throughout the Arabian Peninsula. It is the mother tongue of over 225 million people in Africa and Asia. Since the Qur’an is written in Arabic, people in other Muslim countries have at least some basic knowledge of Arabic like in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

Arabic is like any other language, easy in some aspects and hard in some others. It depends on the learner’s background and ability to adapt to new rules.

Like many other languages, Arabic has a different grammar than English. That doesn’t make it hard, only distinctive. Some grammatical rules are easier than the ones existing in English. All you need is patience and practice! Here, you can learn Arabic with easy steps!