Hifz e Qur’an Course

3 Year Hifz e Qur’an Course

Hifz Qur’an course is particularly designed for those who have already completed Nazra-e-Qur’an. Students can apply for this course only after clearing the placement test from the Darul Uloom. It requires students as well guardians to show a complete dedication and punctuality in the classes and the assignments assigned by our teachers.

Those who would like to memorize the Holy Qur’an by heart; they must be able to read the Holy Qur’an appropriately before joining this course. To complete Hifze Qur’an within 3 years, the parents of the children also have to look after their kids daily. If the student’s level of fluency in reading is good, the student can take admission in this course.

Usually Hifz students require more time as compared to students of other courses as they have to memorize and then have to recite the previous days’ lesson too. The teacher would give lesson to student to memorize according to her/his ability (as much as they can intake in a day). For better result we would always stay in contact with the parents of the children to update them about the progress of their children.

We always emphasize on quality not on quantity. Hence every day, before giving a new lesson, the teacher listens yesterday’s lesson and from older lessons too, so that the students would not lose grip over the previous lessons. As a result, as soon as they finish Hifze Qur’an, they would be a perfect Hafiz and would not require spending more time for finalization in-shaa Allah.

At Darul Uloom Imam Abu Hanifah, we emphasize on quality not the quantity. Making sure that after memorizing it will be easy for each student to retain what they have memorized. To get the most out of the program, it is very important that the student stay regular and consistent in memorizing their lesson and revising the previous lessons on a daily basis.

Although Hifz usually takes about 2-3 years, the time will vary depending on the time and effort each individual puts in.

May Allah give us taufiq to get our children Hafize Qur’an and do what would benefit us in the life to come (Hearafter)